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Daring Couch Rescue of Family By
Fearless River Raft Captain!

By Steven Cohen

Daytime, in the family living room, The Miller family sits on the couch frantically surfing over 800 TV channels trying to find a show that will help keep them entertained and ward off boredom.

It’s only a matter of time before the Millers start to slip into a trance. The more they watch the big screen, the worse it gets. Things seem to get fuzzier and fuzzier as the seconds, minutes, and hours slowly go by! Tic toc, tic toc.

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Are you in the same boat, or do you know of anyone in the same boat as the Millers? Are you stuck on the couch watching life pass you by?

Here is the inspiring story as told by the Millers on their daring couch rescue and how it helped put the fun back into their lives.

As Told By The Miller Family:

“We’re all sitting on the couch desperately seeking entertainment, searching through hundreds and hundreds of TV channels trying to find something to entertain us. Anything. Just something to keep our minds occupied!

After searching through an endless parade of mind-numbing shows, we started to go comatose! It was only a matter of time before we were destined to be in a TV coma! Not good!

Suddenly, a big flash of light appeared out of nowhere, and shortly after that, we found ourselves off the couch and racing down the beautiful Name River in a raft filled with other excited adventure seekers. To say we were astonished would be an understatement!

As it turns out, our couch rescuer was a character named (character name here) of Company River Rafting.

(character name here), an acclaimed river rafting captain who has been helping people get off the couch and escape their everyday mundane routine for over 20 years.

Once someone is rescued by (character name here), their life will never be the same again in a good way!

Anyway, back to our story. . .

(Character name) expertly navigated us through the river, creating a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience during our whimsical journey.

All of us were paddling the raft together, enjoying the beautiful scenery, having fun, laughing, splashing, and even talking to one another. Why we even made new friends. How cool is that?

Exhilarating and breathtaking, it only scratches the surface of how enjoyable it was.

When all was said and done, we experienced beautiful memories from our river rafting trip that we will cherish forever!

Life, as we know, will never be the same again, and sitting on the couch watching our life go by is no longer an option! We’re river rafters for life!

If you have never considered river rafting, you’re missing the boat. Pun intended.

I had no idea that river rafting could be this enjoyable!

Enjoy a successful and magical river rafting trip for individuals and corporate teams!

Think about this the next time you’re sitting on your couch watching TV; you’re actually watching other people living their lives instead of you living yours.

Life is short; do not let it pass you by. Become a participant, get in the parade, go out, and have fun! Get off the couch and into a raft!

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P.P.S. It’s never too late to get off the couch and into a raft!

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Title: Get Off The Couch and Into A Raft!
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Author: Steven Cohen
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